Pertinent Court Documents.

The courts refer to a document as a Docket. They assign a sequential number to each Docket. So, for example, my initial complaint was "Docket 1." Here are the Dockets that most concern the matters of this lawsuit. Keep in mind that I did this whole lawsuit pro se, i.e., without a lawyer. These documents show my lack of experience and knowledge about pleadings and should not be copied. They're presented here to indicate the arguments that the court and defendants might present in your litigation.

Docket 1 - Initial Complaint.

This was the initial complaint. It was very long!

Docket 1 - Initial Complaint - Exhibits.

These are the exhibits that were attached to the initial complaint. This is a "sanitized" version for posting to the internet. I marked out all the personal information. But what the court got was the real deal.

Docket 8 - Amended Complaint #1.

The court was not happy with the length of my Initial Complaint. They wanted something that was much shorter. A complaint is not suppose to be like the trial itself. It's only purpose is to let the other side know why you're complaining.

Docket 26 - Government's motion to dismiss the Amended Complaint

The Government's motion was 25 pages long. The Ass't U.S. Attorney waited until the last minute to start working on his motion to dismiss. He called when we eating our supper to see if I would allow him a couple of extra days to pare it down. Because he had lied to me during the preparation of the Case Management Report, I figured I didn't owe this guy any favors. So I told him that I would not agree to extra days. To meet the court's deadline for filing, he had to go with what he had and had to file an extra motion to get the court to agree to accept the extra pages - which they did. He even reduced the left margin, contrary to the Court's rules, to make it look shorter!

Docket 42 - My objection to the Government's motion to dismiss.

Docket 40 - Galaxy's motion to dismiss the Amended Complaint.

Docket 41 - My objection (and exhibits) to Galaxy's motion to dismiss.

Docket 60 - Report and Recommendationn

At the beginning of March, Judge Merryday ordered the Magistrate Judge (which is sort of like a junior judge) to "conduct proceedings, including evidentiary hearings, as the Magistrate Judge deems necessary to make a report and recommendation on the motions." She didn't hold an evidentiary hearing, but after four months produced this document.

Docket 61 - The government's (partial) objection to the Report and Recommendation.

Docket 62 - My objection to the Report and Recomendation, which the Judge ignored.

Docket 73 - Admended Complaint #2, which got over-taken by the Settlement Agreement.

The Cream-puff Settlement Agreement.


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