Private documents available from the
United States Patent Office

Did you know that all of your private documents sent in with Form PTO/SB/65 were made public by the Patent Office for Identity Theft criminals to steal?

All of your personal information that you had to send in is already available to the public at the Patent Office. To check to see if they have also put it on the internet yet, click here and select "Patent Number" and enter a number (like 4,834,717). If you then see a blue "Order Certified File Wrapper" in the upper right-hand corner, it means your personal information is also available on the internet for the whole world to see and steal, courtesy of the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

Below are thumbnail images of a variety of your documents. Click on the image to see it full size.

The red spray paint is where I personally covered up private information, like Names, Social Security numbers, Bank Account numbers, etc. But if you look at the originals at the Patent Office or on the internet, all of your information is right there for anyone to examine.

Click on the image to see it full size.

Individuals' Income Tax Returns (with Social Security numbers)
Income Tax 1 Income Tax 2 Income Tax 3 Income Tax 4 Income Tax 5

Other Documents with Social Security numbers
Other 1 Other 2 Other 3 Other 4 Other 5

Bank Statements and Check Book
Bank 1 Bank 2 Bank 3 Bank 4 Bank 5

Psychiatric and Mental Problems
Psychiatric 1 Psychiatric 2 Psychiatric 3 Psychiatric 4 Psychiatric 5

Counseling Sessions for an Alcoholic Patent Attorney
Counciling 1 Counciling 2 Counciling 3 Counciling 4 Counciling 5

Hospital and Doctors' Bills
Bills 1 Bills 2 Bills 3 Bills 4 Bills 5

Doctors' Narratives
Doctor 1 Doctor 2 Doctor 3 Doctor 4 Doctor 5

Personal Narratives and Termination Notice
Personal 1 Personal 2 Personal 3 Personal 4 Personal 5

Death Certificates (long form for family use only)
Certificate 1 Certificate 2 Certificate 3 Certificate 4 Certificate 5


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