Patent Office release of personal documents.

Below are thumbnail images of a variety of documents that Brown copied at the Patent Office in Arlington, Virginia. The documents are also available over the internet. The red spray paint is where Brown personally covered up private information, like Names, Social Security numbers, Bank Account numbers, etc. However, if one looks at the originals, all of the private information is there for anyone to examine.

Click on the thumbnail to see the document full size.

Individuals' Income Tax Returns (with Social Security numbers)
Income Tax 1 Income Tax 2 Income Tax 3 Income Tax 4 Income Tax 5

Other Documents with Social Security numbers
Other 1 Other 2 Other 3 Other 4 Other 5

Bank Statements and Check Book
Bank 1 Bank 2 Bank 3 Bank 4 Bank 5

Psychiatric and Mental Problems
Psychiatric 1 Psychiatric 2 Psychiatric 3 Psychiatric 4 Psychiatric 5

Counseling Sessions for an Alcoholic Patent Attorney
Counciling 1 Counciling 2 Counciling 3 Counciling 4 Counciling 5

Hospital and Doctors' Bills
Bills 1 Bills 2 Bills 3 Bills 4 Bills 5

Doctors' Narratives
Doctor 1 Doctor 2 Doctor 3 Doctor 4 Doctor 5

Personal Narratives and Termination Notice
Personal 1 Personal 2 Personal 3 Personal 4 Personal 5

Death Certificates (long form for family use only)
Certificate 1 Certificate 2 Certificate 3 Certificate 4 Certificate 5

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