Abbreviated Privacy Act Statement.

In addition to failing to put any Privacy Act Statement on some forms, the Patent Office also put abbreviated statements on some forms. In fact, in panel one, Zimmerman spells out exactly what is required in the four parts of the statement. The second panel is a Privacy Act Statement that does conform with the law.

The part about "routine uses" is emphasized because on some Patent Office forms the nine routine uses are not included, which is a violation of the law. For example, panels three and four are Form PTO/SB/2048. It does not list the nine routine uses, thus violating the law and violating the settlement agreement. And 'it is well settled that the scope of a routine use is confined to the published definition.'

Required Content of a Privacy Act Statement.
Valid Privacy Act Statement.
Form PTO/SB/2048 - Page 1.
Form PTO/SB/2048 - Page 2.

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