The parties could not agree on "Stipulations." The Court ended the lawsuit based on the following Settlement Agreement. Note that the Patent Office did not deny their wrongdoing.

Settlement Agreement

The parties agree:

1. Counsel for the United States and Mr. Brown will execute stipulations for dismissal of the above-captioned case and Mr. Brown's five remaining cases against the United States and its agencies, pending before this Court. Each party will bear his and its own costs and attorneys' fees. The United States shall pay Mr. Brown's share of the mediation fee.

2. United States Department of Commerce and Patent and Trademark Office shall grant to Mr. Brown a credit in the amount of $1,400.00 for FOIA requests. Over the next three years the United States Patent and Trademark Office will add a Privacy Act notice to all USPTO patent forms that collect information from individual members of the public.

3. Mr. Brown will execute a general release in a reasonably satisfactory form of all claims known or which should be known to him against the United States or any of its employees.

Done November 1, 2004 in Tampa, Florida.


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